Friends of Clue HQ

Escape Reality and Escape from one of three great fun live escape games.

Clue HQ Brentwood has three exciting experiences on the site of the Kelvedon Hatch Secret Bunker. We are the Top Rated Activity in Brentwood and the #2 Attraction in Fun and Games across all Essex with over 450 x 5 Star Reviews across the Web.

Bunker 38

Oxygen is running out after a nucleur fallout, and no one can remember how to open the door


Have you and the rest of your detective team got what it takes to deactivate the notorious Danny Badd's ticking time bomb before it goes off?

The Dungeon of Doom - NEW GAME NOW OPEN

One your team has been sentenced to death for a crime they didn't commit. Can you break them out before the guard returns?